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18 Oct 2022

My self Anuj Agrawal I was born on 7th February 2003 in these article I will tell you about my life from my birth till today 18 October 2022 So lets begin I was born in Aurangabad city located in Maharashtra India I belong to middle class family and my parents believe in to save money were it is possible that's why I was born in government hospital but its ok we were living in Aurangabad for last 50 years and it was our rent house means we do not have our own house . my father and mother both working in private organization and there income was not less but it is not enough to survive in this city . Till i was 8 year old i was studying in 3rd standard we were not having our own house . after that we buy our new ready made row house near air port i was very happy for going to my new house but unfortunately the house was so long of that of my parents working place so we decided to put that hose on rent and stay at were we were living already . 
I was studying Agrasen Vidya mandir that was CBSE school only because of father as I was knowing that my parents are not able to afford my school fees that was approx. 70000 per year but my father never ever hesitate to send me in that school after two years I was in 5th standard I father decided to change the job he started to go for interviews and in 15 to 20 days my father get a new job with nice package as well we all were very happy and on that day we go for dinner outside at last we eat ice cream too 
Three years later, I was in 8th standard from here onwards i was not knowing that my life will change these much .In our school the girl name Tejaswini take admission she was very cute and soft hearted too literally I was have crush on here . I stared liking here but there was problem I was having fear of talking girl but as we know friends are friends they took me in front of here and they ran away .In class there was no one else except me and Tejaswini she asked me what happened to me I was quite she asked me two to four time but I didn't replied to her and she walked toward there seat suddenly what happen i don't know i call here she stopped and asked me what i tell here at i like you very much she only smiled and went from there .then she took 8 day to reply ,and she replied no to me I was in shock but its ok I moved on but she was not going from my mind and yes I was in love with her 
After our mid semester exam she also realized at how much i love to her and it was our last paper of mid semester exam she came to and asked me what happen ? I replied nothing all okay she asked me seriously its all okay with you I tell except you all is okay then she asked me how much you love me and I replied immediately limitless I love you limitless she smiled again and get back to her desk I was confused but let it be I was getting Let for cricket Practice I went from there after two days she came to me and tell me sorry for my previous decision and asked me to love me again and again till my death I was so happy I replied her obviously then after we were get very closed to each other we started meeting off school also in cafes garden etc. I kissed her first time on her hand actually I remembered the date to it was 7 January 2018 all was going good but...…
it was early September of 2018 her Ex boyfriend came in her life again he gave here ring and they hugged too I get these information from is friends I get shocked second time in my life I call her and tried clear this all matter and asked her what happened that day she tell me it was all coincident I am so sorry and i said let it be and hugged her very tightly but I was wrong, on 17 September 2018 she call me and tell me that she wants breakup because she cannot focus on studies this time I was not shocked I just started crying 
From 17 September 2019 to till now 18 October 2022 I have changed myself very much 

Thank you Very Much

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