Nilphamari to Dhaka travel

15 Jul 2023

Nilphamari to Dhaka

I left for Dhaka from Nilphamari last night. Currently I am writing this post while staying in Dhaka. Anyway, I spent a long vacation at home but I didn't want to come from home, tell me who wants to leave Maya's love! This time I spent a lot of vacations which made me feel worse. However, there are many other things related to love and relationships. Then you have to leave everything behind to make your life a little better, to establish yourself and stand on your own feet.

When I went to Nilphamari from Dhaka, I traveled by train. Some unscrupulous businessmen had booked tickets for 500 taka tickets and were asking for around 1500 taka, so the angry boss train was not travelled.

I also like to travel by bus. It seems to me that if I get on the bus and get some sleep, I will come back to Dhaka. But this time there was no sleep. Many worries and thoughts were working in the head. I have left everyone at home alone. My parents, my younger brother were all feeling very bad, I could tell by looking at their faces. I also felt very bad, I think I will cry but I can't make boys cry easily. I was suffering so much that it is impossible to explain. Still I have a lot of work at my university. Also assignments, lab reports, presentations should be made within the next seven days. So I will be under a lot of pressure.

Believe me it got worse the further I got from home. After I landed in Dhaka, I knew how my mind was feeling. Then I called my parents and talked to them. My mind calmed down a bit, but I don't want to stay here anymore.

Every time there is a lot of trouble after leaving Nilphamari, but this time the trouble seems to be a little different. The condition of my parents is not very good, my mother has had many problems for quite some time, she is falling head over heels on the road, it was very important for me to be by my side, but what else can I do! Everything is a game of luck but I don't get that chance.

My father's health is also getting worse lately. Besides, I have a younger brother at home. Little brother still doesn't understand many things and he is not old enough to understand, maybe he will understand those things slowly. But it is very important to have a person at home who will take care of my parents.

To tell you the truth, I feel very bad to stay in Dhaka, it is very difficult. Besides, all the work has to be done alone, the quality of food and drink here is not good. I know best how to live in Dhaka. When I went home during the Eid holiday, I cleaned everything in the room, but still the condition of the room was done once. I don't like the hassle of having to wash and clean everything.

I am trying to ensure that my parents do not suffer, I don't know how much I can do but I am trying my best from my place.

I don't want to write anything else today. Feeling very bad and also have many pending works. Those tasks have to be done and also there is a lot of pressure from the varsity and our final exams may start early next month. Anyway, this is the end of today, thanks everyone.

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