Read Between The Lines

2 Nov 2022

Look forward, deeper, within the spaces of my words you are reading. Look down to the depth between my words, where my heart lies, beating in earnest. Look at the whispers underneath my boldest words, you may find, they are not always as they seem, or even hold more than it entails at the first twenty glances.

These intents can show themselves to you in the most theatrical of ways and even the most normal. So when you look, look with the eyes that see an atom. When you read, read with a mind that can understand gods. With that you could see anything, "It" could be anything. It's different for each of us, at different times... I often saw a mirror.

My words are open but don't look instantly and carelessly. Look with severity and divine understanding. Look knowing you can find yourself in my words. My words peep into your soul and tell you more about yourself. 

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