So! Just entered the bulb universe..

7 Mar 2023

I'm very lucky to here also. Because in the past 2 years I've been discovering lots of web3 projects and now got those.
So, In future we will discuss more about our current platform & obviously my discovered history too. So, guys! let's welcome to my colorful virtual world.
I've a common dialogue about web3 that "Web3 is a mad world & I'm here for you".
Short Story about me:
I am a Fine Arts Artist but choose fashion design as a profession. Which I have drawn manually and digitally for the last 16 years in my profession, now I am just converting to NFTs. Hopefully I will drop some of them here also with behind the stories about making of those NFTs. Because I love to spread the word of freedom.
We want fully decentralized internet/virtual world where we can gather/share more knowledge about our culture, technology, financial stability and many more.

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