Life Lessons: Insights from a Random Saturday

23 Jun 2024

Life Lessons: Insights from a Random Saturday


It was a typical Saturday, one of those lazy afternoons when you find yourself with nothing particularly pressing to do. As I scrolled through social media, I stumbled upon a friend's status update. He had posted a series of wise sayings, each profound in its simplicity and relevance. As I read through them, I found myself reflecting deeply on the truths they held, resonating particularly with the fifth saying. Here are those five sayings, along with my reflections on each.

1. You Learn a Lot About People When They Don't Get What They Want from You

This saying underscores the true test of character. Often, people's true nature is revealed not when things are going their way, but when they face disappointment or denial. When someone is denied something they want, their reaction can reveal traits such as patience, understanding, and maturity, or, conversely, anger, resentment, and pettiness.

Imagine a colleague who is always friendly and cooperative. However, when you decline to cover their shift for the third time, they suddenly become cold and distant. This shift in behavior reveals their underlying expectation and sense of entitlement, highlighting aspects of their character that were previously hidden.

2. You Cannot Heal in the Same Environment Where You Got Sick

This saying emphasizes the importance of change for recovery and growth. Whether it's a toxic relationship, a stressful job, or a negative social circle, remaining in the same environment that caused harm often hampers healing. To truly heal, one must step out of the detrimental environment and find a space that fosters recovery and well-being.

Consider someone recovering from addiction. If they remain in the same environment where they have easy access to substances and are surrounded by enablers, their chances of recovery are slim. Moving to a supportive environment with positive influences significantly enhances their likelihood of overcoming addiction.

3. Don't Stick with Bad Friends Just Because You Have Known Them for a Long Time

Longevity in a friendship does not equate to quality. It's easy to fall into the trap of maintaining relationships out of a sense of loyalty or history, even when they become detrimental. True friends should uplift, support, and bring positivity into your life.

If you have a friend who constantly belittles your achievements or undermines your confidence, it doesn't matter if you've known them since childhood. Their negative impact on your mental and emotional well-being warrants reconsidering the value of that friendship.

4. Never Give Someone the Opportunity to Waste Your Time Twice

Time is a valuable, non-renewable resource. This saying advises caution in giving second chances to those who have previously wasted your time. It's about learning from past experiences and valuing your own time and efforts enough to protect them from being squandered.

An example goes, Imagine a business partner fails to deliver on promises and delays projects significantly, giving them a second chance might lead to the same outcome. Instead, it's wiser to seek out more reliable partners who respect your time and commitment.

5. Be Careful Who You Build With Because People Would Use You for the Foundation and Finish the Structure with Someone Else

This saying struck a chord with me, especially given my profession as an architect. In my experience, clients often engage me for the most challenging and critical part of a construction project—the foundation. After this difficult phase is completed, they sometimes switch to another architect or firm to finish the rest of the structure, leveraging the solid base I provided but giving the credit and the rest of the work to someone else.

This experience highlights the importance of choosing collaborators and clients carefully. It's crucial to ensure that there is mutual respect and recognition of the effort and expertise each party brings to the table.


These wise sayings offer profound insights into human behavior, relationships, and personal growth. They remind us to be discerning about the people we surround ourselves with, the environments we inhabit, and the ways we invest our time and efforts. Reflecting on these sayings can guide us towards healthier, more fulfilling interactions and decisions in both personal and professional spheres.

By taking these lessons to heart, we can better navigate the complexities of life, ensuring that we build not just strong foundations, but entire structures of relationships and endeavors that stand the test of time.


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