In old age, the real happiness is not money

28 Jan 2023

People in their twilight years have learned to compromise, they have learned to let themselves let go of the things they cannot ask for in life, they have learned to be able to afford them, and they are no longer enslaved by reality like others.

This is the happiness that people in their old age realize, no longer serve for money, just to be able to live their later years in peace, so that they no longer regret.

In old age, the real happiness is not money.

Old and dependent (someone to rely on)

People who have lived most of their lives, their happiness comes from the old age, family fun for the elderly is the happiest thing in reality, looking at the scene of children and grandchildren, looking at the noisy living room, looking at the children's laughter, they also feel that this life is not a lonely end.

Older people's body functions begin to decline. They can't drive easily and cannot dance like young people. They can't eat spicy food like young people.

Sometimes I think about myself who has been enslaved by money for most of my life, but when I finally get old, I can't consume the rewards of my hard work. The only place to consume food and medicine is the hospital.

At this time, you will feel that money is no longer the most important thing. It is really happy to see the happiness of future generations. This is the helplessness of the elderly, but it is also the happiness of the elderly.

Old age and a companion

Marriage is the grave of youth? Absolutely not, marriage is the beginning of the precipitation of one's impetuous young and the vitality of one's conservative old life. Some people thinks that marriage is the grave of youth, because the person in the marriage is not the right person, not the person who really deserves to be with him all his life, so he ruined his young life.

This is just a small score, so when you meet the right person, your life must revolve around each other, because the two people who are together in love can accompany each other, and face life together.

A life accompanied by an old man will not be lonely. Even if you don't have a strong body, you can still enjoy the last beauty of the world with your wife, so marriage is a beautiful relation.

Health is still there

Without a healthy body in one's life, everything seems to be a bubble. For the elderly, health is even higher important than the money they pursue throughout their lives. In front of health, everything becomes insignificant, although today's technology has made people feel full of security.

But in life, you also have to prevent accidents, as an elderly person, you also have to learn to let go of which impetuous mentality, let go of the attachment to fame and profit, let your mentality gradually calm down, so that you can deal with young people in life with a relaxed and pleasant mentality.

Let yourself have a healthy mentality to integrate into this society. Older people should let go of those worldly desires, let themselves be happy, and enjoy their old age easily.

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