29 Jul 2022

What am I going to do after being rejected?

How should I handle this rejection ?

Am I a failure for being rejected?

What comes next? 

I'm sure most of us have asked these questions at some point in our lives when faced with rejection in our personal or professional lives.

It is difficult to move on after rejection because it takes away all of your happiness and makes you feel like you are shattered in the dark.Personally, I've been in these situations numerous times, but how am I still moving forward?

Here's my few tips of advice and lessons learned by looking backward:

 .  It's normal to be rejected, and I reminded myself that I'm not the first.

Tip: Accept your rejection early and acknowledge that rejection is normal and it's part of life.

.  Took some time out, and spending some me time. 

Tip: Cleanse your mind by engaging in some activity that will allow you to think deep 

 .  Looking for ways to improve and making a list of my mistakes.

Tip: Believe Rejection is not the end, it's just stepping stone for success. 

 .  Tried to acquire new skills to steer clear of negative ideas.

Tip: Appreciate your learnings and progress that you've made to boost your self confidence

.  Believe that something else is on my way, and not everyone can fit into same bucket.

Tip: Have faith in God and recognize that what truly matters will eventually find your way.

What are your rejections lessons? Let me know in the comment section so that we all learn from each other.

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