My Wedding day

2 Dec 2022

I can imagine her walking down the aisle
The white wedding dress dotted with diamonds
I'll stare at her and she will smile
Because I know in my heart that she is the one
We have practiced together over a thousand times.
What will today look like?
I know it will be perfect

Let me tell you about her;
She is dark
She smilest person I have ever met
She is not tall, which is perfect
She sounds like angels literally
She is always lively 
Her happiness is contagious 

Let's talk about me;
I am a tall, dark person actually
6ft to be precise 
I smile a lot because she makes me smile
I am an introvert
My first encounter with an angel
It came in the form of my soon-to-be wife.

I know there's more to life than this with you
With you, I know I will be thoroughly and wholeheartedly happy

This is fiction; all in my head.


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