Retail productivity paradox

17 Feb 2023

In my personal opinion, from working in retail, productivity in retail is a paradox. Let me tell you why. Retail jobs are more often than not repetitive jobs with fairly low pay. No matter what kind of people the job attracts, the pay is the same. No matter how good the worker is, the pay is the same (hourly). This leads us to the baseline of the paradox, the people who are good/exceptional are more likely to move on in their career to a different job opportunity leaving behind their retail job. The ones that remain in the retail job will be the ones who aren't as efficient/productive. If or when those members develop into productive members, they in turn will also want to seek work for another company as they realise their potential has grown as does their potential for a different higher paying job.

All companies obviously want to have productivity in their workplace without having to completely smash their budget but unfortunately for retail that pays low I feel isn't possible because of this never-ending paradox. The harder the worker, the more likely they are to move on and the lesser the worker, well, they don't meet the criteria.

Fun little repetitive cycle/paradox to think about =)

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