Do you find it difficult making friends?

14 Oct 2022

You are not alone if you feel like you don't have any friends or if you are lonely. Making new connections as an adult may appear difficult or impossible, but if you're willing to put in the effort, you can certainly build new relationships.

Why can't you make friends?

Anxiety: Some people's ability to connect with others can be hampered by their worries because it is extremely difficult to focus on and engage in a conversation when they are nervous or uncertain about themselves. These uneasy feelings may also lead us to avoid making new friends.
Examine your thoughts and feelings the next time you try to make a friend to see if you are nervous, fearful, or uncertain. Then consider whether these thoughts or feelings are helping or hindering your ability to make a friend. This may help you understand why it is difficult for you to make friends.

High Expectations: People may place a great deal of pressure on themselves to be popular and have a large number of friends. It is not necessary to have a slew of friends; sometimes, all it takes is one or two friends to reap the psychological benefits of close friendships.

Avoidance: Are there any opportunities that you may be passing up or avoiding because you want to avoid the difficulties that come with making new friends? Often, our avoidance of difficult situations goes unnoticed or unquestioned. So, when you decline social invitations, consider why. Take note of that decision and where it came from. It is difficult to make new friends if you do not put yourself out there.


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