Construction and working of SI engine and CI engine 📄

18 Oct 2022

Construction and working of SI engine:

Construction: The petrol engine of the force truck is made up of cylinders, pistons, connecting rods, cranks, exhaust valves, and spark plugs.

Working: Each cycle of a four-stroke SI engine takes 720 degrees to complete in order to complete a crankshaft revolution. Suction stroke, compression stroke, power stroke, and exhaust stroke are the four strokes in a SI engine.

Suction Stroke: When the intake wall of the cylinder is open during the suction stroke, a vacuum is formed, and then a pressure charge is introduced into the cylinder.

Compression Stroke: Since the boat wall is closed during this stroke and the piston is travelling upward, your pure mixture is compressed.

Power Stroke: After the compressed mixture in the stroke is ignited by the spark plug and electric spark, the valves are now closed as the piston descends.

Exhaust Stroke: Exhaust valve opens at the end of the power stroke while the piston is moving upward, causing it to exit the cylinder. Gases from the cylinder are then burned, and the cycle of operation is repeated repeatedly.

Construction and working of CI engine: 

Construction: In this four-stroke diesel engines are made up of a fuel injector, cylinder piston, connecting rod, and crank.

Working: One cycle of the Infostroxi engine is completed in four strokes, taking 720 degrees to complete the crankshaft revolution.

Suction Stroke: When the piston is first going downward during the stroke, the intake wall is open, which causes a vacuum to be generated inside the cylinder where only air can subsequently enter.

Compression Stroke: Air is compressed during this compression stroke because both piston walls are closed and the piston is going upward.

Power Stroke: Following the creation of compressed air with fuel spray during this power stroke, the piston is travelling downward and both values are this time closed.

Exhaust Stroke: end of power stroke exhaust values open and piston is moving a poor so piston is out the burn gases from the cylinder and these cycle of operation gets repeated again and again

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