Foot Prints

30 Sept 2022

Once a crab was going on the beach in its fun and turning back in the middle, he would also see the marks made by his feet. He would move forward a little and then turn and look at the footprints and be happy to see the design made from them.

The crab got very angry on this, he said with a wave, "I used to consider you my friend, but what did you do… erased the beautiful footprints made by me…? What kind of friend are you?"

Listening to the crab, the wave said, "Look, the fishermen are coming from behind and they are catching the crabs only after seeing the footprints... my friend, don't catch them, that's why I erased your footprints."

The truth is that many times we do not understand the things in front and misunderstand them according to our thinking, whereas every coin has two sides. It is better to think bad for someone in your mind than to understand things properly and draw conclusions.

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