A Step Forward

19 Jan 2023

Have you ever wondered if LOVE was enough to sustain a relationship? Well I have. Although, I have come to understand that less pressure is felt in a relationship when the financial situation is rigid.

The thought of having to think, feel inferior and be drained of your manliness takes a toll on you if you can't afford the basic need let alone the luxurious ones.
The gravity of sadness just looms around you when any conversation of money is had. Now this is not a bad thing, I mean having the conversation, but a subconscious defense or retraction into a shell just awakens. Not the reaction you intended but you definitely couldn't just bare the gravity of not having to contribute in any way whatsoever.

Nevertheless, a man who stops trying, is a man who lost. Pick yourself up, go at it again, appreciate your little steps, and when you fall, dust your behind and retrace. What makes you strong isn't how good you are, but rather how well you were able to realise a mistake and patch up to avoid that mistake from happening again.

Love is a beautiful thing to share with someone. In as much as it is unique, it may not always be enough without a comfortable financial situation.

That's why no matter the situation, remind yourself of how good you're. How valuable you can be and work towards it. No matter how little that step is, make it. Cause the hardest regrets in life aren't of the decisions we took but the ones we didn't.

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