World's biggest truth?

21 Jul 2022

World's biggest truth? 
Every person from morning till evening only thinks about how to benefit himself. Imagine what a doctor would think when he went to his clinic. What would a beer seller think when he went to his shop? Think...
Now the question is that when no person in the world likes to move ahead with you, then why do big people open the big secrets of their life in front of people. Have we ever thought...

100% of the people of the world know that reading is necessary for life but still 90% of the people do not study.
In childhood, we have heard a line many times that it is easy to speak and difficult to do.
The main premise of Lord Buddha's Eightfold Path is focused on Truth. Tattva or truth is contrary to fiction. At present, many people or teachings tell the method of imagination or visualization which is not correct. Truth means that which is happening. If the ultimate knowledge is to be known, it begins with accepting the truth. 

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Comparing with our life, the soul stays till eternity, meaning the person who goes to heaven stays there till eternity. Therefore one must control one's greed and desires to live happily in heaven till eternity. It means that to go to heaven and attain salvation, only the person will be eligible who can overcome his greed and desires and considers happiness and sorrow equal.
no one can find perfect answer of this
The end of every life is certain and that is the attainment of death. This is the biggest truth of life. To understand this truth we have to take refuge in God. Only then can it be known.