Aptitude And Reasoning Part 3📝

10 Oct 2022

In my aptitude and reasoning part 2, i already share 10 questions to you. i hope all you try to solve that questions. this are very interesting. you will enjoy very much while you are solving that questions. 

Now i am going to share another 10 intresting questions to you. this is challenge for you💕
Question no 1:
Which two sign should be interchange to make the given question correct?
5 × 11 - 1000 + 20 ÷ 20 = 25
1) + and ×                       2) ÷ and -
3) + and -                       4) ÷ and +

Question no 2:
If the following question correct the equation by interchanging any two mathematical operation signs.
96 - 16 ÷ 4 × 2 + 8 = 6
1) - and ÷                        2) + and × 
3) + and ÷                       4) × and ÷

Question no 3:
Select the option which can replace the question mark (?)  in the given series
DSx, ETw, FUv, GVu, ?
1) IWv                              2) HWt
3) Ivv                               4) HVt

Question no 4:
C is to the west of B and D is to the west of E. also D and E are to the south of C and B respectively. F is to the south of E and to the west of G, who is to the Southwest of H if H, F and D are in straight line and H changes his position with C while B changes his position with F. what will be the position of C with respect to B after the rearrangement?
1) South-West                 2) East
3) North                          4) CNBD

Question no 5:
If in our watch the time will be 11:20 then what will be the angle between these two stick?
1) 120°                             2) 140°
3) 110°                             4) 130°

Question no 6:
If 1 Riksha, 4 scooter and 4 cycles we arrange in a line as there is two cycles does not have to neighbour each other in that line. Then what will be the middle of that line?
1) doesn't say                    2) cycle
3) Riksha                           4) scooter

Question no 7: 
A is son in law of B, E is daughter of C whereas Bi s the only daughter and only child of F, F is mother in law C. How A related to C.
1) Brother                           2) Nephew
3) Uncle                             4) Husband

Question no 8:
In the following question select the missing number from the given series.
26, 34, 41, 46, 56, ?
1) 67                                    2) 68
3) 70                                   4) 64

Question no 9:
Study the following information carefully and answer the question given below.
H < B < R = K; A = P ≥ H; M ≤ C < A
i) M > H
ii) P > M
1) None follows                    2) only ii follows
3) only i follows                    4) Both i and ii follows

Question no 10:
The following question consists of two statements followed by two conclusions. consider the statements to be true even if they very from commonly known facts and find out which of the conclusions logically follows the given statements  disregarding the commonly known facts.
Some bats are cats.
All cats are darts.
i) All bats are darts.
ii) Some bats are darts
1) only conclusion ii follow
2) both conclusions i and ii follow
3) only conclusion i follow
4) neither conclusion i nor ii follows

Here is all 10 questions posted, try to solve all and enjoy your brain power testing ability.

Here is the answers of 10 questions which is shared by me in my aptitude and reasoning part2:
Question no 1: Polu
Question no 2: 6
Question no 3: Two
Question no 4: 335
Question no 5: 1816
Question no 6: 20th
Question no 7: cDFi
Question no 8: + and ÷
Question no 9: ÷ and +
Question no 10: if both conclusions i and ii follows

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