Old age

19 Aug 2022

Old age refers to ages approaching or exceeding human life expectancy, and thus marks the end of the human life cycle.

For all, it's worth I am scared of growing old. I am really enjoying my youthful age. Me growing old means my parents are growing old too, same with everyone I love too.

I wish I could stay younger for a little longer and accomplish everything that is possible. This reality is scary. When the black hairs fade away and the grey ones come calling, I hope I embrace this new cycle with happiness.

I know it has its perks, experience, and wisdom. "Slowness of behavior" is a basic sign of old age that affects both the body and the mind.But studies have shown that old people are the happiest,

It is obvious that youth has always been preferred to old age.


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We'll all grow old slowly
Old people say we don't like them, it's sad
No doubt old age is scary , but i believe i will embrace it when it comes around. Because it is a gift.