9 Mar 2023

Peer pressure is the unnecessary influence you feel from your peers i.e your age mates,class mates etc to do what every other person is doing.
It is when you allow the thoughts of your environment affect your decisions. It is really prominent in young people. Young people always have a trend. A trend is something that is popular and everybody is doing at a particular time.
It is hard to find young people these days that are not liable to peer pressure.
Peer pressure is very bad. It is something that can lead to a lot of problems. You feel you have to do something just because everybody is doing it and you feel that if you don't do it,you're "dry" or unimportant.
There are a lot of things people do as a result of peer pressure examples are drinking, smoking, prostitution, fighting, disobedience,destroying of public property etc.
One thing I can always say about peer pressure is that the end result is always trouble .
Peer pressure all begins from the type of friends you keep. Your choice of friends is very important. It affects every area of your life. Your friends are what people may sometimes use to define you just like there's a popular saying that birds of a feather flock together.
Peer pressure can change you to be someone you're not. If you have discipline,it is hard to be pressurized to do something just because every other person is doing it.
A person that is not liable to peer pressure always stands out from his/her peers.

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Pressure is increasing with the growing interest in social media platforms. Pressure to get likes and comparing to others in order to fit in. Recognising these signs is important to combat peer pressure.