18 Dec 2022

Priority is when someone regards to someone or something as more important than others.
Sometimes I regard priority as scale of preference, I will usually say, what is the number one thing in your scale of preference.
A lot of people do not know how to prioritize, we do things for other people and forget about ourselves, we forget that sometimes you are more important to yourself than that person who is number one in your scale of preference.
I was talking to a friend one day and he was almost broke down in tears when he told me that he spent a lot of time, money and resources he was supposed to spend on himself on someone else who as at the moment when we were talking didn’t regard him anymore. Apparently he helped her to archive her goals and she began to neglect him and treat him as a regular friend.
He told me how he could have been better if he spent all that resources and time on himself and not the other way round, so I asked him how do you handle things for yourself, do you have a scale of preference, what is number one in your scale of preference, what is your priority at this very moment and he told me and I asked him to work with that.
Do not get me wrong, I am not supporting or telling you not to be kind, show love or even make someone else your priority, all I am saying is that, when making your scale of preference, when making someone else your priority, think about it and ask yourself, this person I am sacrificing all of these for, will they do same for me, if your answer is yes, you are good to go, if it is No, I will advise you have a rethink about it before you proceed.
It doesn’t mean you cannot still render help to someone else, instead do it out of kindness and act of humanity, but if you expect something in return and you are not sure that person will do same for you, I advise you again to think about it before you proceed with your decision.
My advice to my friend was that he should put that same amount of energy, resources and time to himself and watch the result.
Incase you found yourself in my friend’s situation, this is still my advice to you and Incase you do not have such resources anymore, but in the time and energy and watch your result.
Lastly, make a scale of preference most of the time before you take decisions that are crucial, Prioritize!!

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