30 Sept 2022

Asexuality exists on a spectrum, just like every other sexual orientation. Asexual people may not feel any sexual attraction at all, may feel intense sexual desire in certain circumstances but not in others, or may experience a variety of other conditions in between.

The so-called "ace spectrum" includes people who have no sexual engagement at all and people who may have a lot of sex under particular conditions. Fraysexuality, or the identity connected to losing sex interest in someone after developing an emotional attachment, is another category that belongs to the so-called grayscale.

These kinds of micro-labels, according to asexual sex educator Aubri Lancaster, aid in separating people who may all come under the asexual category but who have quite diverse approaches to sex, desire, and connection. Graysexuality is a small subset of asexuality that includes demisexuality and fraysexuality. Graysexuals are those who have some sexual attraction, similar to fraysexuals.


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