3 Rules Of Life

25 May 2022

Rule #1 – Paradox
We can waste our time trying to figure out some aspect of life when there’s nothing to figure out. Or, we try to figure it all out up front, only to find out we got it all wrong, or that things change under our feet. Or, we forget that, it will come to us when it needs to (“when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”).

Most importantly, we miss out on the journey … The journey of life.

Life is inconsistent. Life changes under your feet. Life doesn’t go as planned. Things happen. Don’t try to figure it all out up front.

Instead, embrace the journey as it unfolds both the mystery and the opportunity.

Rule #2 – Humor
Whether it’s work or whether it’s life, find a way to play with it. You’ll be kinder and gentler to yourself, and, as a result, kinder to others. It helps you build compassion, ease the stress, and acknowledge that in any situation, there’s a lighter side that, if you can find it, will help you keep things in perspective.

And, most importantly, enjoy the journey, a moment at a time.

Rule #3 – Change
Holding onto something is often what holds you back. It’s the often the shift that makes the difference. Whether that means look with a new lens, lean into the challenge, or learn to let go, you can make more from your moments when you embrace change.

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