Finally going back home.

23 May 2024

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I hope everyone is doing well. I'm feeling much better today, so I decided to write today's article. First and foremost, I apologize for not reviewing your articles for the past four days due to my illness. I was unable to write an article yesterday because I was both unwell and very busy. Additionally, I couldn't think of a suitable topic to write about, as none of them seemed appealing to me. Consequently, I decided to skip yesterday's article.

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Now, I think it's time to delve into today's topic. But before I begin, if you haven't checked out my previous articles, I encourage you to do so.

Got an injection today.

Finally going back home.

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Today, I am overjoyed because I am returning home after a lengthy absence. Yesterday, I went to the bus station to book tickets in advance, but it was extremely crowded. There was hardly any room to move. I was also accompanied by one of my friends.

Difficulty Finding Tickets

When I arrived at the bus station, I had difficulty finding the counter because the situation had changed due to the rush of people purchasing advance tickets. There was a long line for reservations, and I had to wait in line as well. After waiting for half an hour and finally reaching the desk, the clerk said, "Sorry, no more tickets are available."

I hurried to another bus stop, but the same thing happened—no tickets were available there either. The holy month is ending in four days, and everyone is trying to return home for the Eid festivities. As a result, advance tickets were already sold out a week before the event. I made the mistake of going to the bus station just one day before my planned departure. My mother had constantly reminded me to reserve my tickets a week in advance, but I ignored her advice because I was too lazy to do it.

Securing a Late-Night Ticket

After searching for tickets at various bus stops, I finally found one with a single ticket remaining for tonight at 12 a.m. It was a bit late, but I had no choice but to accept it. So, I reserved the 12 a.m. ticket for tonight. I waited over four hours at the bus station before securing a ticket. After that, I returned to my hostel and had dinner.
I was suffering from a headache and the early stages of the flu, so I took some medicine after dinner and rested for a while.

Battling Illness

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After I finished resting, one of my friends said, "Today is your final night here; let's go hang out." It was around 12 a.m. at the time. He recommended a restaurant where we could have supper again, just for fun, and enjoy our favorite waffle ice cream. We spent the entire night riding our bikes around and visiting various euro stores. We finally returned to the hostel around 6 a.m.

I wasn't feeling well before going to sleep, so I took my medications as directed. When I woke up today, I felt considerably better.
Now, in two hours, I'll be at the bus stop, and I haven't even finished packing yet. So, I'm going to stop here because I'm already running late and have a lot to do.

Ending Thoughts

Until we meet again, stay curious, stay connected, and above all, stay true to yourself.
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