Got an injection today.

23 May 2024

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Good day, everyone! I hope you're all having a wonderful day. Unfortunately, today hasn't been great for me. I had an injection this morning, and I'm feeling a bit down. I'm sorry if this post isn't very interesting; I just don't have anything special to write about today. So, I'm simply blogging about my day.

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Now, I think it's time to delve into today's topic. But before I begin, if you haven't checked out my previous articles, I encourage you to do so.

Tobacco is extremely addicting.

Got an injection today.

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I was trying to sleep this morning because I hadn't slept all night and had a class at around 8 a.m. I tried to sleep around 5 a.m., but I suddenly got a severe headache. I have a migraine problem, and it's terrible when it starts. Doctors say there's no cure for this condition, so they advise me to take medication as soon as I feel any discomfort. This means taking the medication at the first sign of a migraine to feel better; otherwise, I might need an injection later.

Junk Food Diet

Can you believe that since the holy month started, I haven't had a proper dinner even once? I'm talking about bread and similar foods. Instead, I've only been eating junk food. Every day, my dinner consists of a Zinger burger, nuggets, and fries. Because of this, I take medicine for stomach acidity every night before bed, but I still can't seem to avoid the junk food.
Yesterday, around midnight, my friends and I decided to visit the café again for dinner. Yes, more burgers. While eating, I felt a burning sensation in my stomach, but I pushed through and finished the meal. Afterward, we went to a snooker club, and during Sehri, I only had a cup of tea. I had a headache and planned to take my medication before the end of the day, but I forgot to take it at Sehri. Today, I didn't even take my stomach medicine.

Midnight Snack and Consequences

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After 2 hours, I began to feel acidity due to my stomach burning, and I started having a headache caused by stomach gas. Since I was fasting, I couldn't take any medicine. I tried to sleep at first but couldn't because of the pain. I then called my mother and told her about my situation. She advised me to get an injection. Initially, we were unsure whether I could continue fasting after the injection, but after consulting with some professors, we were told not to worry because I could get the injection and still maintain my fast.

Relief and Recovery

One of my friends simply brought the injection from the drugstore, and I felt much better after 5 to 10 minutes. I then attended my classes all day and went to bed at 3 p.m., only to wake up a few hours later. Today, I only ate a fruit chaat. Now that I'm feeling better, I decided to write this article for you.

Ending Thoughts

Until we meet again, stay curious, stay connected, and above all, stay true to yourself.
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