Tobacco is extremely addicting.

22 May 2024

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Don't worry, I'll make every effort to go through all of my notifications today. My theme for today is smoking. After seeing my friend's condition, I was inspired to create a list of related topics. Hopefully, this will be useful to you or someone else.

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Get to know me better

Tobacco is extremely addicting.

Tobacco is extremely addictive.

Before we get started, let me state that I am not a smoker. I only tried smoking once in my life, when I was six years old. My father is addicted to smoking, and he used to bring home a lot of cigarette packets from work and hide them from us. As a curious child, I wanted to know what was in the packets and what would happen if I inhaled them. So, I secretly took one from my father.

I was trying to light the cigarette to inhale it when my younger brother caught me. Believe it or not, I gave him one to try as well. I was terrified he would tell our parents.
That day, I had severe stomach pain, and I never smoked again after that.

Don’t try cigarettes just for fun.

Let me tell you about a friend of mine who has become addicted to smoking. When I was accepted to university, I formed a group of four people, and we became best friends. Only one of us smoked at the time, and he was severely addicted. He told us that he had been smoking for 3 to 4 years and that quitting was difficult for him, though he was trying. I jokingly remarked that he looked quite cool while smoking. Honestly, I was tempted to try smoking because it seemed fun, but in reality, I despise the smell of cigarettes.

Initially, we all lived separately, but we decided to get a flat and live together starting in the second semester. One of my friends was hesitant at first because he was worried that our friend's smoking would cause trouble if his parents visited. However, we eventually convinced our smoking friend not to smoke inside the flat.

Impact of COVID and Escalating Smoking Habits

We began living together at the start of the second semester, but as you all know, COVID hit after just one week. When we returned in the fourth semester, the friend who had been smoking heavily in the first semester had drastically reduced his smoking. However, my other friend, who had initially been hesitant to live with a smoker, started smoking daily. I kept advising him not to try it, but he insisted that he was only smoking as a hobby and wasn’t addicted. After a few days, he was smoking entire cigarettes, yet he still claimed he wasn’t addicted and was just doing it for fun. He was showing off in front of our other friends, but eventually, he started buying full packs of cigarettes.

After a year, he is now a daily smoker, finishing one to two packs a day. My first friend recently quit smoking, but this friend has become a habitual smoker. He's also started vaping. Reflecting on this, I realized how addictive smoking is and how people can start as a hobby and then become obsessed. The point of this story is that if you are not a smoker, you should not even attempt it. This is one of the most dangerous addictions because it kills you from the inside out. He was fair-skinned when he first started, but now his face looks like that of a cancer patient on a cigarette pack. He also visits the doctor regularly for check-ups due to heart trouble. He used to say that he could quit smoking whenever he wanted, but now he wants to quit and can't.

Reflections on the Addictiveness of Smoking

As a result, it is better to avoid this addiction altogether. We only have one life, so please don't squander it in this manner. Think about your future and live a happy, healthy life. I know many people start smoking because they're stressed, but trust me, all fears are temporary, and you just have to push through them.

Ending Thoughts

I'm just wrapping up here as I've been distracted by my friends, and I'm already behind on releasing this piece. I still need to go through all of the notifications. Let's have a discussion in the comments section. We haven't interacted there in three days. Let's do it now and make some memories.

Until we meet again, stay curious, stay connected, and above all, stay true to yourself.
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