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22 Oct 2022

List of guests:

When making the invitee list, there are numerous variables to take into account. The budget is most important. Of course, the number of guests will need to be restricted if the amount allotted for the party is less than the "budget." People associated with the event or the purpose for the party should also be invited. Second, there is a chance of arguments, "sparking," and the party turning boring if guests with opposing temperaments, preferences, or worldviews are invited. Even though we may disagree, if we join together to celebrate, we should all bear this in mind. This is how it is kept up, but there is no assurance that it will always be the case. For the party where alcohol will be provided, the list of invitees and guests should be prepared with due care and precaution. Persons associated with the event, occasion, or party should be invited, but there shouldn't be any difficulty inviting your friends, well-wishers, assistants, or other people you have travelled to for the party. Additionally, care should be made to prevent the invitees from feeling overextended by one another's presence. People shouldn't, even if they attend the party, be referred to as "bores."

Women's health:

Women should be well-cared for if they are invited to the celebration as well. Maintaining their proper respect is necessary. Additionally, it is strongly advised to refrain from disparaging comments about others behind their backs, using crude language, or using derogatory words. It is important to take precautions to prevent anyone from making improper jokes, touching, pushing, or other indecent gestures against women. There is constant music and dancing. Everyone should still act in a way that prevents transgressions even under those circumstances. It is inappropriate to force a woman who is not interested in conversation or dancing at a party to participate in either activity. Praise for a beautiful woman's appearance, attire, and personality is acceptable, but it must be delivered with decency and respect. Not at all should it feel slobbery. One should avoid making the mistake of becoming too close to a lady they don't like or who they don't know very well. It's also critical to pay attention to the songs and conversational topics at the party. Do not discuss depressing, unpleasant, upsetting, or dull subjects. Don't purposefully make jokes that make fun of someone's flaws, inferiority, or sarcasm. Often, this awareness goes unnoticed. Additionally, it suggests that partisanship, high-low, small-big, and senior-junior distinctions shouldn't be tightly adhered to inside the party. The celebration can be enjoyed by all if everyone attends with utter sincerity, renunciating their position, dignity, authority, and "ego." Otherwise, mental strain from distinctions like boss-employee, master-servant, senior-junior, poor-rich, and small-big makes it impossible to enjoy the celebration.

• Invitations to parties
It ought to be doable to produce printed party invites. Language need to be courteous. The writing ought to be accurate. The following are some things about printed invitations to keep in mind.

1) The right location and full address for the celebration should be provided. The celebration may frequently be held outside, in a hotel, a banquet hall, on a lawn, etc. It ought to be printed with clarity. Otherwise, people might think the party is being held at your place. Nowadays, there may be numerous hotels, mangal offices, and function halls with the same name in large towns. Because of this, the full name and address of the location should be provided. In order to prevent the invitees from being inconvenienced, directions, a map, and any nearby landmarks must be provided if the location is unfamiliar.

2) It is important to specify the party time. It is important to explicitly state the commencement time, date, and nature of the event. When will it end? 

3) State whether the invitation is for a single person, a couple, or the entire family. The condition of a woman is really odd if one brings his wife to a region where ladies are not expected.

4) It is frequently required to specify in writing if you want to wear a formal, formal, or relaxed dress to the party. then format it that way. You might describe the location and ask guests to wear casual attire if the party will be held on the beach, in the garden, or in the forest. For instance, beach parties are appropriate for shorts, half pants, three-quarter pants, and rubber sleepers. Indian traditional clothing is appropriate if the party is for a religious event or other auspicious occasion. 

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