13 Apr 2023
  1. It's Funny How You Never Think To Sit and Consider The Long Haul Of Words You Say, Your Mentality Is Keyed Into The Default Nature Of Saying Whatever Your Mind and Head Cooks Up Without Carefully Evaluating How It Sounds and Feels To The Hearer and The Possible Consequence From A Before and After Perspective . Funny How One Decides To Continually Erase Structures One Desperately Tries To Build But Words Seemingly Looking At Inconsequential To The Sayer Possess The Negation Of The Hearers Ethical Standards, Nature and Psychology

It's Saddening One Tends To Act Blindsided To Obvious Wrongs and Flaws Done By Someone One Cares About and Still Find It A Think Of Pride To Brag About It Like It Has No Consequence . I've Always Said That Complete Validation Is Found In Considering Situations From A Two Lane View But You Constantly Enjoy Being One Sided and Utterly Bias In Your Skill Of Passing Judgement . That Regardless, It's Admirable You Stand Up and With Your Friend But Question Is Would You Stand For Them When All Evidence Shows As Clear As Water How Guilty Their Ways Of Viewing Things Are and Their Perception On Matter.

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