Nice night

24 May 2023

Today was Christmas Eve. Natalie was taking her little steps as quickly as she had to. Her boot had torn under the toe and had a hole in it. As soon as the cold touch of the icy road touched her toes, she was alert and automatically stepped on. Even today, mother had sent her to sell with boxes of cards. No one was in a mood to buy boxes today. It was as if they were bored with Christmas cheer. Today Natalie felt as if the whole world was full of happy, enthusiastic people. She couldn't remember seeing so many smiling faces at such a young age. She would forget the cold touch under her thumb as soon as someone asked her to buy a card.

She got tired after walking. She sat down on the pavement in front of a glazed glass shop. She looked behind the glass. In the center stood a white-bearded Santa Claus on a platform. In his trunk were many boxes wrapped in colorful paper. There were many small sweet babies sleeping around. Santa Claus kept colorful boxes in the stockings they hung. The scenery was beautiful. What has someone asked for? Natalie tried to recall the nice things she knew. Natalie remembered. Each of her siblings had something in their stocking yesterday. But her sock was empty. Sandra said, the gift she received must have fallen through that hole. She looked at the candles on the staircase. She began to see the face of each of her siblings in each candle. Finally she remembered her stepmother's angry face. Her teeth chattered from the cold. She with difficulty Fali and continued. A car stopped in front of her. The man in the driver's seat touched her. She ran away. With her frozen fingers, she tried to remove the wallet. The man lit a cigarette. She heard laughter from the car. Children a little older than her were coming out with a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. Seeing them, two or three children came running from the opposite house. One opened the big box and looked. Natalie's heart skipped a beat. Such a big nice cake! She thought we were one of those children! She was so lost in thought that she didn't even remember to keep the money in her pocket.

Natalie walked alone muttering down the street where there was hardly anyone was Her fair face looked red. Big blue eyes were closing slightly. Curly brows and thick hair spread like feathers on the back. But she was no longer thinking about her good looks. The noise of the feast was heard from the houses. Decorated tables in the dining room could be seen from the windows. There were sounds of glass rents. Where there were sounds of firecrackers, where to talk. But Natalie wasn't thinking about it. She was walking in her own voice

In the living room of a house, she saw a red-orange flame burning in the fireplace. Suddenly her hands and feet froze. She sat there. She remembered the boxes in the bag. She struggled to hide her mother's face. A stick was lit. Held in an embrace. Aha! Boredom ignited another. Then, when the third box was finished, she began to feel very stylish. In a reddish-yellow flame she saw the face of her birth mother. As sweet, loving as she had imagined. She was looking at Natalie very lovingly. In order not to lose sight of that face, she kept on lighting a lot of cauldrons. One after the second, the third after the second, the fourth, then the fifth, and so on.

Out of packets. She had never seen her real mother's face. The most loving face she saw was that of her grandmother. A mother's mother's loving eyes with a very calm expression. Warm hands like soft butter. Grandmother spread her arms, looking at Natalie. She smiled so sweetly.. Natalie thought, they were wings, to take her to the blue sky... She snuggled into Grandma's belly, so warm and soft, she felt so safe. Aji hugged her and patted her lovingly. Natalie was feeling sweet. Gradually everyone was retreating. Colored lights, Santa Claus, Christmas The tree, the smell of parties, everything. Natalie didn't want that anymore. Her stomach filled with happiness. She felt only one thing, she was in her grandmother's arms... she was going to meet her mother and everything was going to be alright. She was going to be in a great place and loved by all... Someone said that there is a little girl lying here as cold as ice. But she didn't pay attention to that at all. She was very happy and she knew for sure, she would always be very happy now.

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