All I'm requesting

24 Mar 2023

I'm sorry I didn't impress you, but please don't act that way.
Sorry, I'm not attractive and don't have much to show off.

I apologize if you can't accept me.
for who I am on the inside.
I apologize for being forced to flee and hide by your vile words.

Sorry, I'm not a part of your group.
Furthermore, I don't fit in.
I'm sorry that you were born into such a terrible sin.

I apologize for being so average and not exceptional.
But does that justify your decision to stand and glare?

I'm not sure what to say to get you to stop playing games, and I can't think of a way to get you to take all those names back.

Answering this question would be very appreciated.
Why do you want to harm me?
How does it benefit you?

I may never be able to understand you or get along with you, but I have never mistreated you in any way.

Hence, please perform just one small favor for me.
Please don't treat me badly anymore.
All I ask is this.

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