7 Tips to be outrageously consistent.

22 Dec 2022

Consistency is the state or condition in which something happens or someone behaves in the same way.
We often here things like, to be successful in this profession, sport, business or what ever you do depends on your level of consistency.
A good number of us have started something and dropped it along the way and picked it up again only to drop it back. A typical example of that is someone who wants to lose weight and decides to go to the gym and start dieting, then drop it along the way because they noticed a little amount of weight loss, only to pick it up again because they added more weight and so on.
Here are 7 Tips on how to be outrageously consistent.

  1. Create an archivable and realistic goals for yourself: Creating goals can be fun, you think about what you want to do and then go ahead to write them down in your goals list, but the question is, are they Archie able goals? I will say you should think about what you want to archive before writing it down.
  2. Create a schedule for yourself: A pile of tasks can be very overwhelming, but if you take out time to create daily schedules for yourself it makes your work easier and less overwhelming.
  3. Make a To do list: To do list is the real MVP, it could be daily, weekly or even monthly to do list, it helps you to know which of your tasks is a top priority. For me I recommend daily Todo list, it’s easier than weekly.
  4. Have Reminders in specific places: Anyone who has been to my personal space would testify about the amount of sticky notes I have on my wall in my work space, sometimes I place them on my table and notes that I know I will definitely make use of. I do not do this because of the fun of it, I do this because I have the tendency to forget due to how overwhelming my day could be, so Reminders help you to execute what you need to do. Place them in places you will most definitely see them.
  5. Learn to Reward yourself when you complete all your tasks: Just like working at your company and expecting a payment at the end of the month, it motivates you whenever you reward yourself and gives you the joy to want to do more because you know you are getting a reward for it.
  6. Take short breaks: Do not over stretch yourself because you want to complete a task, it’s okay to take short breaks, eat, drink water, take a walk and do something different from what you were doing, it helps you to relax and when you relax ensure you go back and complete your task.
  7. Be accountable: Learn to hold yourself accountable, ask yourself questions when you reach a goal, how well you did and what motivated you in completing that goal, if you are unable to reach a goal, do not beat yourself up, take a break and try again.

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