"Debate or die!"

18 May 2024

In a recent article, John McWhorter argues that President Joe Biden should avoid one-on-one debates with former President Donald Trump in the upcoming 2024 presidential election. McWhorter believes that such debates, particularly involving Trump, devolve into chaotic spectacles rather than meaningful discussions. He contends that Trump’s behavior during debates—characterized by interruptions, distortions, and an overall lack of civility—renders these events unproductive.

McWhorter compares the historic 1960 debates between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon to the more recent Trump-Biden debates. He notes that while the former was marked by reasoned and civil discourse, the latter has become akin to “cage fights,” lacking substantive engagement on important issues. According to McWhorter, Trump’s approach turns debates into performances that mislead the public, focusing on charisma rather than substantive policy discussions.

Additionally, McWhorter argues that modern communication technologies have reduced the necessity of traditional debates. Unlike in the past, when debates were a primary means for candidates to reach voters, today’s candidates have numerous platforms to communicate their messages. McWhorter suggests that Biden should instead participate in town hall sessions where he can engage directly with voters and present his policies without the disruptive influence of Trump.

While I understand McWhorter’s concerns, I firmly believe that engaging in debates with individuals who hold undemocratic and authoritarian views, like Trump, is not just crucial but a duty. Debates are not just a part but the essence of democratic processes. They provide a platform to challenge and expose undemocratic ideas and behaviors. Avoiding debates might be seen as evading confrontation and could potentially undermine the very bedrock of our democratic principle-open discourse.

Debating against Trump and similar figures is important, even if the process is challenging. Debating against undemocratic and authoritarian ideas allows for the exposing of their flaws and the reinforcement of democratic values. The public needs to see these confrontations to make informed decisions.

Despite the challenges faced by Trump’s debate style, it is possible to prepare strategies to counter his tactics effectively; avoiding debates might inadvertently grant Trump a platform to criticize Biden for evading direct confrontation, potentially swaying undecided voters. However, by engaging in debates, Biden can counter these criticisms and demonstrate his willingness to confront different challenges head-on. This showcases his leadership and commitment to democratic principles, and more importantly, it can inspire hope in the public that democratic values can prevail.

While McWhorter advocates for avoiding debates with Trump to maintain the dignity and quality of political discourse, I believe engaging in these debates is not just essential but empowering. We can use this tool to challenge undemocratic ideas and uphold democratic values. Debates, despite their flaws, are not just vital but our strongest weapon for exposing the weaknesses in authoritarian arguments and reinforcing the principles of democracy.
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