21 Sept 2022

In my span of life, I have come to discover one thing.

Sometimes, we may wish for things to work out perfectly just how we would love them to but instead, disappointment and failure take the lead.
This has nothing to do with how smart you are and a lot to do with how you behave when faced with challenges.
One can be said to be a great person, if only they can gain mastery over their emotions when it is been tested.

Some things happen for a reason; for determination to grow, for life to have its way, for that one step to be taken.

Some things need to happen, just for your courage to emerge and make you brave enough to take whatever challenge it is.

These disappointments give us an insight, we now build great strength to sail through our life purpose. Everyone has their own unique experience with how the world works, and what you've experienced is more compelling than what you learn second-hand.

It's a new phase for me, a new beginning. A new beginning of greatness that has no end.



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