As a beginner(2)

24 Aug 2022

These are some extra tips on how to start out as a newbie

Stay Curious: The desire to discover something new is known as a curiosity. Always be curious and willing to learn. Curiosity makes one wonder and harbor uncertainties. Finding the solutions is where the joy is. Therefore, please don't be afraid to ask questions when you are uncertain. Don't worry about if your inquiry is dumb or what other people may think.
Discovering how things really operate will require you to maintain your curiosity. Knowing how things work inside out has several advantages, especially in programming. So keep exploring and being intrigued.

Develop Soft Skills: Soft skills are all about how people engage with one another in every setting, including the workplace, personal life, and international settings (physically, remotely, and virtually). In contrast to technical talents, soft skills include less learning and more realizing.
Listed below are a few soft skills that require extra focus

  • Patience
  • Empathy
  • finding solutions
  • Communication (not just the spoken or written language – it includes body language, confidence, resolving conflicts, and more)
  • Teamwork

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Every step is important 👍
Soft skills get you to great places in life because they're so transferrable. Empathy, patience and problem-solving come up everywhere in day-to-day life, whether it be in your work context or even in personal relationships. Thanks for sharing :)
I think willing to learn shouldn't be taken as curiosity.
Diana jade
Baby steps are the best