Reflections_Of_A_Wasted 1

19 Sept 2022

When I look into the mirror every morning, I wish I could undo the last 3 decades. It's with fresh pain and total regret whenever I realize I'm still here, all I see is the shadow of who I dreamt to be. Silently, I lay on my bed depressed; trying to retrace where exactly I got it wrong, I can't believe the person I've finally become. Whenever I think of my past, tears roll down my cheeks, as I see the good life I never planned for, the clever guy I never was, the unfortunate father I never bargained for and the husband I never became. How did it happen? I think it's high time I told you. I can't believe I ended up here. A complete waste is what I am, a mere dreamer, a total disappointment with zero self-esteem. A terrible alcoholic, a secret womanizer, a gambler and now a drug addict with addiction of the highest order. This is where it all began. 😕😕 I don't think you want to hear this; 
To be continued…

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