How can protect the female uterus? 4 bad habits

2 Feb 2023

According to modern medical research, the uterus is the sixth organ in the female body.

A healthy uterus for women is not only a prerequisite for childbirth, but also an indispensable existence for maintaining health and endocrine balance.

However, due to the very special physiological structure of women, the urethra, vagina, and anus are closely adjacent, so the reproductive system is also quite fragile and vulnerable to various pathogens, resulting in various gynecological inflammations.

Such as endometritis, vaginitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, etc., are common gynecological problems.

Gynecological inflammation can not only cause abdominal pain, itching, and peculiar smell, but in severe cases, it can even affect fertility!

Therefore, female should learn to protect the uterus in daily life and stay away from the following four bad habits:

1. Avoid wearing tight underwear and pants

Some people love beauty, in order to highlight their personal figure and they are used to wearing all kinds of tight clothing.

As everyone knows, women’s private parts will have secretions, if they wear tights, they will cause poor heat dissipation in the private parts and a large amount of sweat, which will lead to aggravation of the humid environment and the breeding of various bacteria.

Therefore, you should choose comfortable and highly breathable clothing in normal times, and try to avoid wearing tight-fitting .

2. Unclean sex life

There are two main types of so-called unclean sex. The first is that both parties are not sufficiently cleaned before and after sex. The second is too many sexual partners, premature sex, menstrual sex.

According to clinical investigations, unclean sex is the main factor inducing gynecological inflammation and infection.

Women should take care to protect themselves, avoid too many sexual partners, and fully clean up before and after sex.

3. Inadequate sanitation

As mentioned above, the environment of female private parts is conducive to the growth and reproduction of pathogens. If you don't clean your genitals and change your underwear in a timely manner, you are more likely to get gynecological diseases.

Therefore, it is scientifically recommended that women use clean water to clean the vulva every day, and change their underwear and wash them in time. If possible, they can also wash their underwear with boiling water and expose them to the sun to disinfect and sterilize them.

4.Excessive cleaning

Many female friends have very high personal hygiene requirements. In order to avoid the occurrence of gynecological diseases, they not only clean their private parts every day, but also use various so-called vaginal cleansers and embolism drugs. If it is over-cleaned, it will destroy the balance between the flora, resulting in a decline in its ability to resist pathogens, and increasing the risk of gynecological diseases.

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