How to Complete Difficult Tasks with minimum Effort

16 Dec 2022

How to Complete Difficult Tasks with minimum Effort
Let's face it: there will be difficult things you must accomplish at some point in your life.

Everyone must deal with situations they genuinely don't like.

When that happens, we must act, despite the fact that all we really want to do is curl up into a ball until the difficult part is over.
If you're going to undertake anything difficult, controlling your emotions is vital.
If we allow these feelings to rule us, we could make life even worse for ourselves.
When we suffer more than we need to through these difficult times, it might be even harder to get through them.

1.Dissect difficult tasks into manageable portions.
When you divide something up into small, manageable bits, everything becomes easier.

When something in front of us appears to be so enormous, massive, and terrifying, we frequently struggle.

We become too overloaded to even think about what the first step should be.

We become entangled in the conflict.

We may become so mired in it that we do nothing at all.

Instead, divide the difficult task you need to do into achievable steps.

Smaller steps can help you feel less overwhelmed and increase the likelihood that you'll complete the challenging task faster than you would if you attempted to complete the challenging task all at once.

2.Do it now!
Yes, I am aware that starting with the most difficult task is typically the last thing any of us want to do.
But doing so is similar to removing a bandage.

We are all aware that slowly removing a bandage makes the pain feel worse and persist longer.

The majority of us would prefer to simply yank it off and go on.

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Some tasks are not difficult but overthinking about it makes the task look like difficult.
For this we need to really work smart instead of hard