How do you know you are stressed(2)

13 Sept 2022

You're getting frequent headaches
You've probably had a headache before, whether from a bad night's sleep or a hangover. However, one of the most common symptoms of stress is frequent tension-type headaches. These headaches can feel like a band wrapped around your head that is gradually tightening.

Racing Heartbeat and High Blood Pressure
You can feel your heart rate increase when you go for a brisk walk or move some heavy furniture. If your heart is racing while you're standing or sitting, it could mean you're stressed.
When you are stressed, your heart rate and blood pressure both increase. If the stressor is temporary (also known as situational stress), your heart rate and blood pressure will return to normal levels.
If you are stressed for an extended period, your body will go into overdrive for an extended period.

You notice more acne
The severity of stress has been shown to be significantly related to acne severity. One of the mechanisms is that the body releases cortisol during the stress response, which increases the production of oil on the skin and worsens acne.


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