26 Mar 2023

Poverty is the lack of economic security, which means having insufficient money to live on or afford necessities. Many people in poverty have poor health, inadequate housing, and few opportunities. Poverty is also related to social exclusion, which means living in a community where there are few jobs, resources, and opportunities.
It is not new that people who are poor suffer a lot and the most annoying crazy thing is that people leave them to suffer and the rich ones Keep doing things to make themselves richer without caring or reaching out to the poor. It's very wrong. I plead in any way you can reach out to the poor,please do. The world will become a better place to live in. Reach out to people who are suffering and help them. Please it won't make you poor.
If you can create employment do so this can go a long way in helping them. Poverty is disastrous and can lead to death. Suffering leads to a lot of other bad things such as hunger, sickness, no education, and even sometimes death.
Just Because they are not your family does not mean they do not deserve help . Learn to be compassionate. Show love to them . Always remember that the love you give is the love you will receive.
The government should also do everything in their power to help poor people because I think they're in the best position to do that. They should stop vandalizing the country's money for their use and help poor people.
It's not easy to eat once a day just because you don't have money and it's not great to tell your children to stay home because you don't have the money to pay their school fees. It's really sad. To be honest, I think poverty affects the whole society. Help doesn't have to big and great. Little things can go a long way in helping.
Not to Even talk about the children who have to suffer everyday for food to put in their stomach without going to school therby being uneducated, getting sick but no money to go to the hospital. And praying everyday for help but no one comes through.

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Please in any way you can reach out to the poor and needy,do so. Please nothing is too small. A little help can go a very long way. Thank you.