1 Oct 2022

We all grow up bearing in mind that anger is destructive. Yes no doubt about, anger is very destructive. Anger can make you do things that when you relax and think about what you've done, it brings regret, tears and more anger. Anger if not managed properly could lead to murder, could lead to suicide, most of the time it usually leads to situations you'll regret. After a long while of bearing all this in mind about, I didn't think anything positive could come of anger, not until of recent. There are situations that if you can channel your anger properly you'll yield positive results. For example, you are angry about a situation you are in let's say financial instability, if you get angry about this situation and channel it into finding a solution and not killing yourself you could take yourself out if the situation. Sometimes I feel we stay in a particular situation because we are not angry enough about it. I think when you are angry about a situation enough, you'll channel that anger to find necessary solutions to get yourself out of that situation. Channel your anger to the problem and look for results. Use your anger wisely in some way it's a gift. 

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