1 Feb 2023

One of the habits that kill our vibes is overthinking. Every one of us overthinks at some time in our life. In some cases, we are not quite aware that we are doing it but we do it almost every day and this hurts our happiness, progress, productivity, and wellbeing. Most times we confuse overthinking with deep thinking but there's a difference between those two. . .

Overthinking is just us being overwhelmed with negative thoughts and emotions. We even play the victim due to this. We feel life has messed with us and we don't have control over that. We judge and act out on our emotions. Our thoughts are anarchic, which makes us focus solely on the problem and expect the worst outcome. This can be so depressing and stressful. It also results in self-doubt hence making us lose opportunities and killing our vibes and creativity.

We should stop overthinking and focus on deep thinking alone. Deep thinkers are logical and solution-driven. Their minds are balanced and occupied with positive thoughts. This can make one feel empowered and live by their defined standard of life. Their decisions and thoughts are backed up with optimism and this can build one's self-confidence.


When you start overthinking, distract yourself, and practice self-awareness and affirmation. Replace every problem by trying to find solutions with creativity. Choose what you want to think about or occupy your mind with. Remember, our thoughts shape our reality. Desire only positivity, for desire, is the first step to achievement.

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