Everyone's goal in life

29 May 2023

When the famous singer named jon was young, his mother told him something. There is nothing better than happiness in life, happiness and peace are the keys to a perfect life. It was deeply ingrained in Lennon's mind. Next he joined the school. One day his class teacher asked a question to all the children. The teacher asked the children - 'What do you want to be in your future life?' All children gave different answers to that. A doctor, a teacher, a lawyer, an engineer, a soldier, a policeman, a player, a singer, etc., everyone kept saying what they wanted to be. When it was Lenin's turn, he said, I should be happy. For that The teacher said - 'Lensin, you don't seem to understand my question. What is your goal in life, I asked?' Lenin said- 'No miss, I understand your question. But you don't understand what life is!' Yes, isn't everyone's goal in life to be happy?
Most important thing in life is doing what we love and be happy in all the situation we face it.

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