12 May 2023

Bakya's family is very easy-going and happy, including Bakya who talks like a parrot. His childhood story. Bakya's father is a saint by nature. As he was going out in the morning, Bakya said, "Dad, where are you going?" The father said, "To die in the mud." "I am coming," Bakya whined. Thus your father Sakhya said, "Son! What goes into the masana?" So Bakya said, "Hey grandfather, he says that every day, and comes to the hotel to eat misal." "So." So Sakhya gets up and says, "Come on then, I am coming with you." Bucky's grandmother shouts from inside, "Rich, two Why don't you come with the mixed parcel" and Sakhya says equally loudly, "Will Paika give your bapus?" He gets the answer immediately. Hi, are you still alive? He went to Mhasanat, then here is my Bapus" dialogues used to go on in their house.

Bucky had a son. But he doesn't want to say anything. Just kept quiet. Bucky's wife 'Sanai' Nakhshikhant Soundaryavati, she was the charm of the whole village. Bakya used to play her clarinet day and night, that is to sing her virtues... The king used to go to the village. Sanai was sitting with legs crossed on the tables of the Bakya shop on Parar. The king was pleased to see Sanai. Said, "Give me your mug." She smiled and said, "Hold on, hold on, let's talk later." Sanai consulted Bakya and said to the king, "Take my muka, come back to take the muka in a couple of days." The king agreed to that. The evening was passing. In the gray darkness, the king disappeared with Samai's muka. Bakya said, "What is the king's name?" To take as you gave You go yourself." "Yes," said Sanai, "I will bring you back what I gave you." The friend said in the morning, "What the fuck, Bucky! Are you talking about giving me a face in the dark in the market? Don't you feel ashamed? It seems uncomfortable to talk about such four-quarters of a woman, why are you a man in the movie?" So Farkan Sanai said, "Avam Mamanji ! I mean that river (making a noise) like you take my mother-in-law in the barn. (Hearing the friend, he is a little confused.) Isn't that my son? The king who likes the Muki Mansan Lai. Bhatan told him that if one worships the chief with all his heart, he will not die. He took my chief for two days. And I will not give them to your buck, but will I give them to the king?" "Ass yes," said the friend, and the mother-in-law asks, "What the fuck, how did you get that barn?" "What do I mean?" he asked. So Sanai spoke. "Then listen, though. Mother-in-law, you have come from Pandhari's Warihun in fifteen days. I entered the cowshed in Ram Prahrat to get the sheen of Sarawat and heard the sound of Pach, Pach, Pach. I said, what is the sound of a frog, then I strained my eyes and looked in the direction of the sound. What if you see? Oh uncle! Mya was shocked. You used to teach your mother-in-law how to take milk from Kapila. Both seed cows had scrofula. I secretly went back and taught Bucky the same dumbass." Bakya said, "I was coming from Agudar, I wanted to take our dog, mya, such a fool." While the innocent life was going on in such happiness, Bakya Avachit suddenly found himself in a problem. If a person who dies in Panchaka does not perform the Panchaka ritual, he will die five times, as happened in the case of some Bakya.

Pune has a beggar's Maruti. Similarly, in this village Paisa Maruti, a devotee who visits him every day. But one day he could not go to darshan on the day of relationship due to the hustle and bustle of work. So the remaining money went to see Maruti at night. Sanai also tensed up as he came home late. But in the morning the bomb went off, Maruti's necklace was stolen. A sandal left in the temple found People burned. Said Bakya took the necklace. Bakya said, "Oh, I couldn't see the slippers in the dark, so I put on one of mine and the other of the priest. Baba, why should I steal?" Everyone came to the temple. Bakya stood in front of Maruti and said, "O money Maruti, Hanumanta, Akalvanta, I gave you money, I gave you goods, and you have made fun of me?" Oh God, what are you looking at the feet? Look up to the sky, aan sang mya chor nhai hai." And Bakya looked up to the sky. The branch of the pimpal tree behind Maruti was hanging. On it hung a garland of maruti. And two gharis were licking the oil on the pearl. And Bakya shouted, "The garland is hanging on the pimpal. Hi, did you hang me on the gallows?” Bakya escaped from the theft but in their Panchak Bakya went to Fadku to invite Shraddha to the moneylender. The health of the moneylender was weak. Bakya said, "Take care of your life, Hali Kay Be, Bharosa Nai."

Discussion in the village in the morning, "Aho Bakyach." I met the moneylender in the evening, what will God say, and in the morning, the moneylender will be heard." Savkarin Bai said, "When he coughed at night, he would make a loud, gurgling sound." Bakya said, "Hey lady, what are you talking about?" You used to sleep on Savakar below, now how will the sound of the upper floor come down? Perhaps if they had my wife's silver phrases, they would say, "Give it to Bucky." Guruji Dagdoba Lokhande, who taught Bakya Barakhdi and up to 100 padhas, was sick in the hospital with rheumatism. Bakya went to meet Guruji with two seedling trees and sacks from the house tree. Evening time, intercepted by Gurkhas. "Shab, where are you going?" "Ore shab nhai hum hajam hai, Gurujiko bhetana hai," Bakya said. The Gurkha said, "Yeh baksa me kya hai. Guruji has fallen asleep." Bakya immediately said, "Bom mat pado!" Gurkha - "Bom? Dad! Open the box." Bakya explained to him, "Gurkhaji, bom nahi sitafal hi." Guruji's joints were stiff.

Part 2

It was stiff as a stick. Bucky made them eat the fruit but a seed got stuck in their stomach. strongly As soon as it was hit, the stiff limbs fell loose. Bakya said, "Slowly finish the cilantro, and eat the sacks. Take the name of Rama." In the morning, a man knocked on the door of the bakya, said firmly, "Your Guruji has gone, gone to Devaghari." Bakya said, "What are you talking about?" Didn't I meet them last night? Fear." The man said, "All over the bed were seeds of cilantro and bora, in which they were "smelling". There was no seed in the mouth and no Ram in the body." Again the voice of discussion in the village, "This debt went to the moneylender and the moneylender died. If you meet Guruji, Guruji will be shocked." Sanai said, "Why do you kill people?" The next morning, Zipru went to the blacksmith to sharpen his razor. Zipru is a decrepit old man who has reached seventy-five. He was sitting on a sharpening wheel. Shook the ganja and said, "Bakya! Wherever you go, you raise a dead body. Bakya said, "Dadanu! Get rid of the edge soon, master's twelve sons Bhadraya High." That's how Zipru says "Bakya! Oh, there is no one to turn the wheel. Hold your breath and come, I will keep the razor ready. If Bakya goes to Ziprubhau in the evening, this crowd is on Bhatti. One of them said, "Now, in the morning, don't you, we made tea with you, and as he left with the remaining razor, he started shaking. "Khallas" Again the discussion started in the village. "Bakya came with a razor and Ziparu had a seizure and passed away, Mhanji is dead!" Sanai got angry and said, "Have you learned to kill people? Then go to Pakistan." Bakya said, "No! My seed does not come to mind, now it will not go to anyone. Beard, moustache, goatee and cut should be done on mercury itself." Bakya was crowded with shoppers as Shravan was coming. While removing a lock of hair from Malikaka's armpit, he said to Khat Shastri, "Dad, you should go home, I can save you by cutting two strands of hair." stubborn They go on their knees. Bakya killed two goats of Kacharbhai, peeled off Vaishyabuva's beard, beat bendya. Fakirbhai's sword cut the moustache, Bochra's Gandhi cut. While doing everything quickly, a boy said to Bakya, "Uncle, my number?" Bakya said, "Finally" as Bochre said, "Oh, kill him." Bakya said, "That soldier's son, he wants to beat him." Do you understand, Anna? Phuket means free. His father giving a strong justice. Let me go, I will call Khavat Shastri" so Bakya goes there. Khavat Shastri was picking jasmine flowers by climbing on a canopy over the garden. Haipay was stretching and collecting flowers and Bakya called out, "Sastribuwa, come quickly, your number has come hi. Leave early" and turned to Bakya Para. It was under the umbrella of Khavat Shastri that there was a "Dhabb" sound as the Chirebandi stone was struck. With a branch of jasmine in his hand, Shastri slipped and fell on his head, avoiding the coconut and his scalp. The round face turned red with blood. People gathered. Shastri is speechless was Bucky called them to come down but they had gone upstairs. Again talking about Chavadi, who he says, "Ah, it was Bucky who went to call them. He slipped and Shastri fell, they were gone. They wanted to be killed by Bakya but they didn't even have a head." Everyone heard that Shastri had fallen. Sanai laughed and said, "If you have changed your name, the neighbors have started calling you Yam, what do you think you are getting?" Bakya was shocked and said, "What should I do if you are the one who talks like this? Oh, if my Bombil eats nothing, will such a man eat it?" Sanai said bitterly, "Don't tell me, Lagupat four or five people died, whoever you meet dies." Do you meet that Afzal Guru and Kasab? Aw, this karni kavati lai bada baga" and Bakya said bitterly, "Mother swear, I do not know this karni kavati at all", Sanai said, "Then how did this mind die Patapat Dansavani? Look, my father's health is not good, the family cheered. Some say Bakya Jai, there Mary came The news was sown in my village. I am coming to meet Bapus, as per my insistence.” Bakya quickly spoke, "Then my friend comes with me." "Hey Baya," said Sanai, "now what do you want to eat my Bapsa? Even if four people swallow, the pot is not full? Beware! If you come after me! I have only one Bapus Hi, your mother did not make two sons for my sake.” Bucky's head went numb. He thought really, what if I go to meet my father-in-law and something indecent happens? Rather, if something good or bad happened to his own life, he prayed to Maruti for money. “O Marutiraya, do not bring me to death with my visit. Oh bring swimming, bring nourishment. Otherwise I will not leave your feet.”

Bakya was sitting on a stone at the gate. Someone put a hand on his shoulder, it was Sanai's father. He said, "Son-in-law, you Yama bi Nhaisa, those who died died because of their enjoyment, do not consider it as your reason." Bakya said, "But what about the people?" Mama said, "Leave it to the people, your mute has started talking to the king, he says, My Bapus God Hai, I am cured by taking his name. He said to Samda. Said, "Bakya Bakya" and get well. It happened as well. The hospitals were down." Bakya came home. Sanai Muka was at home. Sanai said, "Aam Dhani, you take my money, Aam, my muka! He started talking" and as Bakya approached Sanai, his father said, "Take muka, Mhanji. Why is it your own Mukunda? Otherwise you will say Pach Pach muka cowherd,” and all the congregation started laughing. Everyone looked at the dumb with their lips pursed. To take Mukundacha Mukya Mukya.

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