My school days

14 May 2023

My school Saraswati Vidyalaya is actually a temple of Saraswati. You were born Three things play a big role in shaping us after arrival. One is mother, second is our neighborhood and the third and most important part is our school. Growing up we spend most of our time in our school. Your parents place a huge responsibility on your school. And all schools fulfill that responsibility honestly. Hence, school plays an important role in shaping the individual and the nation. Mother used to say that Mule used to cry a lot while going to school. But now schools have become so attractive that children find it fun to go to school screaming and shouting in the car. Yes, the school bus started from our time. The fun of sitting next to the driver uncle is something else. I'm ahead of all! Until I grew up, I used to go to school sitting in a cabin. When I entered the school for the first time, I was shocked to see the big building of the school. He held his mother's finger tightly. But then our headmistress lady came and took me close and said "didn't you enjoy sitting in the car grandpa?" He was the first to seat me in the cabin. I was embarrassed, but seeing that she wasn't angry at all made her and I bond on the first day, so far. Really! There is no strict environment in our school.

Our teachers, our friends: from the elder lady to our class teacher, everyone is so good that we enjoy school more than at home. We are never caned. In our school there are no terrible punishments such as standing with thumbs, cocking. A thorn stands on the body when the mother tells the punishment of her time. But this does not mean that there is no discipline in our school. On the contrary, our school is known as a disciplined school for boys in the village. Because our lady says "Children don't have to be told to do it. They imitate. They just have to show themselves how to behave." So we do the same when we see our teacher standing in line on time, properly uniformed and disciplined. Needless to say. Our school day begins with prayer. We all gather from class to class in the middle hall. Saraswati Vandane is followed by Omkar and Gayatri Mantra. Then the representative tells the important news. The headmistress tells the importance of that day in all religions. And then the birthday boy or girl on that day is congratulated with a plant and a flower. Then we go to our class and start the day. Our school has more than one talented teacher and teacher. They know their subject well. And there is no one to hold their hand in teaching. They don't just teach by reading lessons but also give us information about the world accordingly. So we were not just bookworms but all-in-ones. While teaching us a lesson in one subject, we are also given information in other subjects. No teacher is an expert in just geography or just maths, but they teach any subject equally well. So we know what all-rounder means and we also take interest in all subjects. Studying alone is not the identity of our school. Our school insists that outdoor sports should also come.

•Importance of Sports in School:

Our school has a big playground. there All outdoor sports are taught. All sports like Kabaddi, Kho Kho, Cricket, Tennis, Volleyball are played. They also practice running races from us. The keen eye of the physical education teacher observes the quality in the children. In this way, the child is given all the information about the particular sport and the coach is called and trained.. So the roots of our school have shined in Interschool as well as in other countries. We proudly tell everyone that this athlete belongs to our school. Not only sports, but other qualities are valued in the school and the student is shaped accordingly. Some students are good at acting, some are good at singing, some are good at music. Some are good at making speeches and some are good at telling jokes. Our school selects and grooms students with a jeweler's eye. Therefore, our school is a mine of talented children. How many children in our school are the glory of the nation today because of such Dronacharya teachers, that's why every village struggles to get admission in our school. But this does not mean that our school only takes the roots of the rich to school. On the contrary, our teachers go from village to village and spy out the smart roots in padas, settlements and even huts and give them free education and make their lives and their families' lives along with it. Many of them have become doctors, engineers, scientists and collectors.

Last year, there was a meeting of our school's 10th class in 1980. How big they were! And how much they talked about school. The teachers were falling. They even came from countries like America, Britain, and Germany to perform this ceremony. We were also guided very well. We were really proud of our school then. I think I will not leave school. But no! We also want to brighten the name of our school. Isn't it!!

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