Sounds and Echo

15 Aug 2022

A young girl Kate ,The only child of her parents very obedient and always listened to her parents never rebelled towards her elderly ones,Her parent were Christians her dad a senior pastor in their home town.
Kate was only fifteen years old and was abused and defiled by the assistant pastor.
This goes out to every young teenage adult.As a parent one should pay close attention to a child this role or duties doesn’t include just the mother but the father too.In most African homes the family believes that it is the mothers duty to bring up the children but it shouldn’t be so it shouldn’t be one sided but it should be a shared responsibility between the father and the mother
As well as sex education is very important for the children both the male and female children for a child who is in puberty too.Parents should be more opened for communication with their children and straight forward with their children in order to avoid the young adults from making mistakes they could avoid and parents should be friendly with their kids to avoid them from keeping any secrets from their parents.

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