Beware of what you are consistent in.

9 Oct 2022

Since I was a teenager, I was always told that consistency leads to success but consistency doesn't come easy, you need to be disciplined, need to be strong, need to put in the work and all the other stuff you need to do so that this consistency will bear good results for you. What if you consistently doing something that no matter how long you do it, it doesn't yeild anything good. Did you know that there are time where you just have to give up on somethings and chase other opportunities. I'll use my experience as an example; a couple years ago, I was into affiliate marketing, I didn't make a dime out of it but the mentors and tutors kept saying be consistently, put in more work, there's something you are not doing right. I did this fo a year and some months but I discovered I wasn't just good at it in any way. I wasn't making anything from it. So one day I say I'm done with this I can't keep doing this to myself. Around that same year, I found crypto, the aspect of crypto I found wasn't giving me anything significant but I felt this is a path I can totally tow. Fast forward to a couple of years later, I'm doing pretty well in the space. DON'T BE CONSISTENT ON WHAT WONT YIELD ANYTHING. 

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Completely agree, I think what differentiates successful people from the rest is knowing when to quit and where they should put their efforts. You need to know which 'pressure points' will yield the best outcome for you.