Screw technology

13 Mar 2023

I don't mind becoming a tiny old lady.
The alterations I've noticed turn out to be something I don't like.
Even now, my marbles are still moving forward.
Despite its flaws, I like this ancient world.

If I start to lose control, I'll swear to pull over, but I still believe that someone moved our telephone pole.
You don't need to shout, my friends; just pay attention.
That won't enable me to understand what you're referring about.

Your remarks now have a new significance.
I'll admit that they occasionally perplex me.
We used the broom to sweep websites around.
With a mouse in the room, we wouldn't have put up with it.

All of your fancy cell phones and iPods are welcome.
Who wants to hear every single ringtone?
A flopped disc would have raised a commotion.
Hard drives and megabytes have a sinister sound to them.

I know one thing for sure: I don't want my universe to be squeezed into a tiny five by three.
I am aware that technology can accomplish good things.
Don't call me online, though, if you want to get in touch.

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