A New Friend

3 May 2022

It has been roughly 4 weeks since I have started using BULB regularly. It has been a great pleasure being able to express my own thoughts and opinions through articles, which is something I have not done on a social public platform in a very long time. Furthermore, reading other people's content has helped me learn so much about topics I would otherwise not be exposed to, such as cryptocurrency, leadership, and education. It has also been a very humbling experience, as I have realised how intelligent and knowledgeable people are. I'm glad that BULB exists so these people can share their ideas here. Just imagine, 4 weeks ago, I would not have known about any of this, and I would have simply carried on with my normal life. I am wiser now because of BULB.

Recently, I have encountered another user on BULB by the ID of "Don't Mind If I Do". This user seems to be very active on BULB much like myself, and is constantly providing me with support, knowledge, and laughter on almost every comment. I have also come to notice that we have similar interests, such as a keenness to learn more about Web 3.0 and soccer. I didn't expect anything like this when I first started BULB, and felt slightly isolated at times due to everyone being de-identified and whatnot. But through online interaction and common interests, I have realised that you don't need to know a person's name or face to truly feel a connection with them.

I think I have found my first BULB friend.

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Good 👍
genuine connections are rare nowadays! Glad that you found one!
This is fantastic 👍
bulb is future surely wanna see the growth
Tumtor jp dong bwang pengen bnyak duit tapi g ngepet
Shubham Gupta
I don't like making friends they all cheat in the last and at the end of day you have yourself only....ALONE ! 🖤🥀🙃 But hoping again if i get someone good in this great and loving community ....😊🖤
I hope many are sharing this feeling too <3
Good job keep it up
yeah, I also agree. we all share our thoughts
Community is growing amazingly 😀
Rajat Dhariwal
Easy to share our thoughts here without any hasitation
The BULB community is growing and it's amazing! :)
This project is much, much better
BULB Official
This is...wholesome!
this project is very good project
I think I have found my first BULB fri
Nice Artical fantastic comment good
MBA ChitChat
I have a sense that BULB's community is growing and bonding is getting stronger ! :)
Don't Mind if I Do
Wow thankyou for those kind words! I very much share this same experience with you @TheBlogger. I really hope we meet in person some day!
LMAO i cant stop laughing at this because i know the back story HAHAH
A fantastic example on the value of sharing knowledge. What a great community!
Johnson Chau
This is so wholesome! Love this!
Pretty Rani
Well the reality is i don't have any best friend but my only friend is my Pet Sheru