Should plastic be banned..?

11 Oct 2022

In our daily use we many time use plastic in the form of bags some other carrying utensil, either that other things or other's...but plastics is the material which we use in case of unnecessarily

You know about your daily uses what you use or what they are in other l
Forms...its essential to use plastic.. but many people's advised to avoid the plastic use as it is hateful for the environment but what do you think personally is it right..? Or is it really be needed let's discuss on some serious points that will direct told you the reasons why you should minimize the uses so let's start it
These are the following reasons :

1 plastic bags pollute land and water

In our traditional life we lots of time pollutes water & soil as per our methods we uses plastic bags after the uses we throw it in water platic contents some chemical & directly gets interracted to the soil & water.. it harms to soil & water the chemicals & toxics it in harms to the bacteria which are useful to soil & water its causes get toxicates & it pollutes both soil & water

In the soil plastic remain as it is after 100 of decades it does not decompose its unfairly toxicate our soil further soil does not support to the bacteria & fungii which needful for plants so its harshly affects on the environment as its indierctly affects plants growth further it causes the environment al issues

In case of water if we throw the plastics bags or materials in the water water try to react with it & in that case plastics releases the toxic chemicals & some other chemical in water it cause the water get polluted as release of harmful chemicals by you know platic has 100 of decades long life it remaim as it is in water some other living things like fish they try get that plastic material to eat if they eat that it may be stuck in their stomach it dangerously causes lead to their death lots of times we saw the example of like these some big animals from the ocean founds the beaches in the morning form of deads

In the case of if we try to burn that materials its release the some toxic gases in the environment its directly causes the environmental issues air also gets polluted it directly affects on our human health some times its affects on our lungs lead to cancer lots of harmful effect of plastics as we discussed so we cant banned it but surely we can decrease the use of platic as possible as 

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