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9 Feb 2024

Stoked about cars and auto innovation? So are we! So much, actually, that we're bringing blockchain to the auto industry, ensuring your car is safer, smarter and more reliable, with every bit of data about it verified and verifiable. Welcome to the future on wheels!

With SourceLess Auto any car can be powered by a tiny yet mighty SourceLess Blockchain node (just 1MB!) integrated directly into your car's computer and changing for good the way you think about vehicle security, ownership and maintenance. 🛡️💥

From safeguarding your car to keeping its mileage honest, to checking your service history, reporting errors instantly and even ensuring your car stays up-to-date with legal inspections without a hiccup, SourceLess Auto has you covered under and over the hood. 🌟

And guess what? We've got a fun video from last year's auto demonstration that showcases just a glimpse of what's possible!

WATCH IT HERE – youtube.com/watch?v=JUDcT5GW2K0

Plus, 2024 is revving up to be an amazing year for our auto projects, fueled by the passion for wheels of our team and especially of our founder, Alexandru Stratulat and his brother and SourceLess TechOps, Andrei Stratulat. 🌟

Stay tuned for more groundbreaking developments in the automotive sector!

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