Life at 22

13 Apr 2023

The thought of clocking another age in one’s twenties comes with a pressure.
I want to do a lot of things. Today, I clock 22 and I can’t help but think about the things I’m yet to achieve in my life.
I sometimes feel that my life is like a genre. As each scene unfolds, I’m amazed by it’s plot. Each day comes with different challenges. Though, my growth process is slow but vigorous, I've learnt to embrace every part of my life to keep moving on.
Today, as I reflect on my past year, I realized that it was such a beautiful one. Every dots connected makes it make more sense. More than the time that I felt less of myself, I felt more at ease . On some days, when I looked into the mirror, I’d think to myself “I’m such a beautiful human ” lol! I romanticize my life a lot of time.
As I reflect, through the year, I've learned some things. Some of which might resonate with you.
God knows what’s best for you
All the no's would lead to your Yes’.
You’d be alone sometimes
Even the people who love you would be away from you at some time . You’d have unsupported opinions/ ideas. You’d need to be responsible for your own life and decisions.
Live lightly
it’s a lot of burden carrying the baggage of negativities. Don’t bring others down in order for you to go up and don’t ever bring yourself down to make others feel comfortable.
You have the right to feel every bit of emotions that you feel at the different phases of your life; when things go your way and when they don't.
“….As we let our own light shine we consciously give other people permission to do the same……”
Don’t be afraid or ashamed to ask for help
The worst that could possibly happen is to be rejected. And you’d never know unless you try.
You are the most precious to yourself
Take care of your body, mind and health. You can only be of help/use to others when you are okay. Embrace only positivity and stay away from people who are always being negative. Don’t be a toxic person either.
If you do not know, do not pretend to know. Ask
As I try to constantly remind myself that these are the days of my small beginnings, I try to stay in the present and not rush to having the next thing happen right now.
No one has it all figured out and each day is a genuine reason to keep going.
Just because you lived yesterday, it doesn’t mean that you know everything about today — This is a quote from the drama; This Is My First Life.
All through my years, one of the hardest things for me to do was to give up on the things that I really wanted to do. I do not like to have regrets.
Also, one of the beautiful things I recently started was journalizing. it’s almost a year I started and it has been wholesome.
his year again, I’m starting beautifully
it’s going to be another whole year. wish me well.

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