15 Sept 2022

I woke up with severe cramps and against my better judgement headed to the gym 
I did at most 5 sets of exercises and gave up 
I am actually on my way to pick up my sneakers at the shoe menders shop 
I can’t wait to get them 
I have been wearing slides and socks these past days and even though it’s cool I beg to differ 
It’s stressful 
I just want to wear regular sneakers 
I am thinking of the money I have to spend to repair my sneakers 
After that I am supposed to pick up a hair I paid for 
When I think about it, I have numerous bills to settle 
But isn’t that the point of being an adult? 
We were led it believe adulthood comes with financial freedom 
That was a huge lie. 

Anyways enough with the downers, a friend of mine is visiting today, can’t wait to have that girl time with her. We get to gossip a bit and maybe my mood will pick up. 

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Awesome article
Adulthood can be something else sometimes. The responsibility that comes with it, we just have to embrace it.