The End

29 Nov 2022

What does it feel like
Is there another life after this
or just endless darkness
Let us enjoy the light while we still can 
You can't wait until life is no longer difficult before deciding to be happy
We deserve everything in life they say
But sometimes it also feels like to have to fight for it 
Sometimes I wonder where we were before coming around here
It was all darkness before our existence
No consciousness just emptiness
Be happy, you are special
Treat others right
Just as you are special, they are too
While we wait for the good future to come
We should also know that the end walks behind it
When the End comes I hope we embrace it with satisfaction
not regret, and hope we are ready for the next journey
While life lasts, enjoy it.

Just me thinking out loud, hope you love this peice of my mind.

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This is fantastic... let us all reflect on our lives, picture where we want to go, and live with that aim in mind.
I have never actually thought about this before. This article has given me something to ponder about.
I believe we should live life at the moment because actually none of us knows what the end holds for us. Be happy now